Hair Growth - Dr. Naram Shows the Way

Published: 09th May 2011
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I am from Mego river Wisconsin, my profession is a jeweller. I was listening one day to a Wellness organization where something fascinated me to go and meet Dr. Naram after knowing that Dr. Naram had no hairs and was bald at some point. He tells me about his hairs and so I started taking his medicine and in the span of six months, I've seen the hairs started coming from the top and its interesting. I figure that if somethings changing outside things might also be changing inside too. After taking the Young Formula and watching the energy, I do think that something is changing inside me also. This is all very interesting. I had a friend saying it is growing of hair important to you, I thought for a while and said to growing of hair is not important to me. It is fact that you can do it. It is important to me. Because if you can do that, what are the possibilities either out there for people with other ailments and anything can be changed, that's my belief. Its a matter of finding the right pathways of being able to do that.

Provided you're not able to feed yourself with good nutritious food, Dr Naram's herbs provide what you are not getting out of the food that you have been eating since the start. It will also help repairing your body. If we have Medical problems for what you don't seem to find some cure for, my feeling is with him Dr Naram is going to show you a way. He will help you to reach to a point that you find it.

From My heart I feel that Dr. Naram is a big gift to the world. You are truly working from your heart is what I feel the way you speak with everyone. I wish all the very best to everybody. Thank you for the work you are doing and I happen to listen at a time when Dr. Naram was on and I have always felt that I'm at the right place and I always hear to what Dr. Naram says in his WHO programme and connected with him. I feel that whatever you are doing is coming from your heart.

About Dr. Pankaj Naram:

Dr. Pankaj Naram, is a qualified Ayurvedic doctor with more than twenty three years of experience. A 115-year old Tibetan monk named Guru Ramdas had taught him the science and art of pulse reading through which one instantly discern what's really wrong with the patient. He is a gifted master in the timeless science of Ayurveda – and head of a 2000-year old unbroken lineage that originates from Jeevaka, the personal physician of Lord Gautam Buddha.

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This article is prepared based on a video interview with Sudarshan.

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